The Catholic University of America

IEE November Student of the Month!

Edemar Morsch Filho (Department of Mechanical Engineering)

Institution in U.S.: The Catholic University of America

Institution in Brazil: Universidade Federal De Santa Catarina

Major: Aerospace Engineering

“I had an experience in the U.S. that will remain in mind for my entire life. I’m enrolled in an Astronomy class and we had to visit the Air and Space Museum to do research for a paper. The Professor of this class is a Brazilian, Duilia de Mello. She told us to go there and collect information about the Hubble Telescope, Apollo 11, Voyager and two other things that we found interesting.
When I entered the Air and Space Museum, I could see a TV with a guy talking, like an interview. I said to my friend that the guy looked like Edwin Buzz Aldrin, the second man to step on the moon from the Apollo 11 mission. But we didn’t pay attention to that because we were focused on our paper. Walking through the museum we saw more TVs with the same guy talking. Suddenly, when we were in front of the lunar module replica, we looked to left and realized that the interview was being conducted inside the museum, and we concluded the man on TV should have to be Buzz Aldrin. We ran toward his lecture, and there we discovered he was talking about his new book, Mission to Mars: My Vision for Space Exploration. I could never imagine in my entire life being so close to this guy!
After 15 minutes, the speech was over and he left his chair and moved to another room where he would autograph his books. He passed about 1 meter away from me, without any personal security. That was too much for me!
I decided to buy his book in one of the Air and Space Museum stores and get in line for his autograph. It took about 5 minutes until I was in front of that illustrious personality. I was so excited about it that all I could say was, “Hello,” which he answered with a shining smile. He signed my book and smiled again.
Standing in front of the man that 44 years ago stepped on the moon was a dream.
Undoubtedly on 10/26/13 one of the most wonderful things of my life happened. I never dreamed about being so close to Buzz Aldrin. Fortunately, by chance, a dream I never dreamed became true. I’m very grateful to able to share this experience with my family, my friends and the other Brazilian students."